Notifier problem

Hello everyone!

I use Notifier to displaying text. I am Hungarian and how can I display the special characters of the Hungarian language ( (á, é, í, ő, ú, ü) ?

Hello Jozsef

This occurs when the font does not support the Unicode characters required. What you can do is add a font to your App that does support the characters.

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I must modify my answer.

I can display special hungarian characters (á, é, í, ő, ú, ü).
BUT if I read text from a file, it will not be able to display it.
Why does it convert Hungarian letters when loading?

You have to show us an example. Preferably the aia file of your project and the text file you want to read. AppInventor uses UTF8 encoding, I think if your text file is encoded differently then there might be a problem.

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Check how you create the text file:

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Could it be that the source of the text is in something like a Word Processor and is being exported as "plain text"? That would be the cause of the issue.