Notification for android 10

Hallo please Tell me what Extension o should use to make a notification pn the phone with android 10 or higher

When should the notification be triggered?
Directly? Try

At a specific time? Try the


But i Need android 10 and above Not 12 Please awnser

The modified notification style extension supports also newer devices, but still older devices


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Hey Guys do you know how to do anything like every 2 days without the App Open and another question i created a topic yesteday about notifications but it didnt Worked i wanted to send me a Message (android 10 and above) but it didnt worked can u Tell mein witch Extension i should use and how for the notification and the repeating funtion

What exactly are you trying to do? Please elaborate...

Please provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks

I wanna send me a Message every 2 days Bit Not just Sendung a Message also doing anything every 2 days

The alarmmanager extension would be able to send a message every 2 days easily App Inventor Extensions: Alarm Manager | Pura Vida Apps

Any example of that "anything"?


Like changing a var but without the App open

This does not make any sense