Not sure if it's mine or an ai issue

this suddenly start appearing right after adding a label... app been perfect until this... any clues?
i am connected via Chromebook, app does not load, just a blank screen.

Note, in the back ground to the right, the Interval of that timer is set to on.
If I turn that off, and cause the app to restart (as it normally would), I get a second error...

(Actually, on further investigation, after clearing the dismissing the error, and click interval on, I get the first error message only. After I dismiss that and click interval off, I get both errors, but the first is displayed only for half a second.)

and before you ask, removing the label does NOT fix the error.

hours.aia (118.3 KB)

Did you also test with the APK?

I don't know what it was. I shut it down and went away for a while. Now I have come back, it seems to have fixed itself.
Thanks for getting back. Incidentally, it worked on my samsung (companion) phone, but not my chromebook. All seems good now...
Ghost in the machine, somewhere...

And try removing all assets from the companion app (and then try again):

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