Not finding file in my phone

Hi there, I have succesfully made my first app but have one issue when using the APK.

I create a text file and just to check if it exists I retrieve it and show its contents on a text box, that works.

Then I share it through bluetooth (or any other) using the file extension/name shown in the image, it works and I also can find the file in my phone when I use the Companion app to test it.

But when I download the apk, I can also retrieve the file contents to show them in the textbox, but if I try to share it with "/angulos.txt" as file name, an error indicates the file is not found. I can't even find the file in my phone (in the SD card or in the internal storage)

Any idea of what I'm doing wrong here?

You have hard-coded the ASD (with the Companion path). You need to use an extension, e.g. this:

or hard-coded like this:

Thank you very much Anke :+1:t4: I will try this solutions

I was about to delete the question because, Murphy's Law, I finally found a thread about the issue just after posting this one haha

However, your answer seems more detailed here so I'll leave my post for future reference.

Have a great day,


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