No ingresa a plataforma de App Inventor 2

Desde hace varios días no se puede ingresar al entorno de App Inventor 2 para elaborar aplicaciones.

gracias por respuesta

The main App Inventor server is working normally Arturo. Which server are you trying to use?
The main ai.appinventor server or the code.appinventor... server?

What browser are you using?

You said you cannot enter? Do you see the Designer on the Web page? or you try to load a Project and it fails or something else?


hi, im cesar form colombia,
The main page ( Inventor server is working ok, but by clicking in “create app” cannot enter and shows

this works fine from Costa Rica...
what happens, if you try to enter directly here ?

Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

thanks, but with that link ,ocurrs the same issue

What browser are you using. Do not use Edge. Do you have a browser extension that might be blocking the Web app? Are you using a home router or attempting to access from a public WIFI connection like a school or a library that might be blocking Web apps?

or are you in Chile?!searchin/mitappinventortest/isp|sort:date/mitappinventortest/nN3RJqTfL7s/BI-yBBvfAAAJ discusses a local provider blocking access.

Im using a home router by google chrome browser.
while Im going to check “discusses a local provider blocking access.”


Mi nombre es Arturo e intento ingreso desde desde Colombia

Se utiliza enrutador doméstico

Intento ingresar desde el enlace

Utilizo navegador google Chrome y Mozilla

No se puede acceder al entorno de programación para poder ingresar usuario y password.

agradeciendo su respuestas,


Arturo is hosted at Google. ERR_CONNECTION_RESET suggests that something between you and them is interfering with the connection (e.g., your firewall or ISP). Do you see the same error if you access

I dont see the same, with the link [] I can acees

thank you.

should I make more settings on the PC?


He ingresado desde el enlace

Permite ingresar al entorno de programación, pero no puedo visualizar ninguno de los proyectos que he estado trabajando con anterioridad.



You won’t see your old projects in unless you saved the revisit code
from your previous visit(s) and used it on re-entry.

Right, these are two different systems–the projects are not shared between the two. This confirms that it’s not really an issue with App Inventor not being able to run, but rather that something is interfering with your connection. Can you check your firewall settings on your computer to see if for some reason it disallows You could also try temporarily disabling your firewall to see if it changes anything (remember to turn it back on afterward). If neither of these works, you may want to contact your ISP to see why you can’t reach the service as they may be able to provide better routing diagnostics.

Muy amable por respuestas,
Desactivé el Firewall y el problema continúa.
Probaré comunicándome con el proveedor de internet para saber que solución me pueden dar.




Hola Arturo, yo tambien estoy en Colombia y tengo el mismo problema, pudste solucionar?

see also


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