No email came to parent mail?

hi guys me and my team registered for appinventor appathon we all are below 18 we added our parent mail then when be submit it my whole team received it on their parent mail but i did not there is no mistake in typing
pls help me

Is you are a captain of your team if yes then you cannot get email on parent email it also happenings with me

i am not the captain

Share your error on this email

done @MIT staff pls help

still no reply from them pls help me :sob:

@Aarush_Kumar MIT will reply when someone is available. Your post has been flagged for their attention (also @ewpatton . Please be patient.

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i am really sorry for pinging @SteveJG but i need to get in appathon this is the first ever coding competition i am going to

You still have time till 18th June.

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The Same Thing happened With Me try To register again with the same email

you mean submit same details again

Yes try it

still nothing tried to send two times

Will someone please help @Aarush_Kumar get registered for MIT App Inventor Appathon for Good 2021

@ewpatton or @Peter ??? Thank you.

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Have you confirmed that the parent email address is entered correctly in the system? It may take up to 24 hours for the email to arrive because the server sends them out in batches, but if there's a spelling error in the email it will bounce back to us.

The parent emails are fine I recievd the parent mail but my team-mates didn't andnthe application isn't complete until all parents permission has been confirmed

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We registered on the opening date (June 1) itself

everything is correct no type error i tried but it is not giving anything

its too much now we are planning if it does not comes till 6th we will leave appathon

Try updating the child's entry to use a different parent email. This should cause the system to resend the email.