No Activity found to handle Intent error

I have a student trying to build a voice calculator, he wants his AI to be able to hold somewhat of a conversation, or at least act as a helper to the user. When he clicks his Speak button – function to start gathering speech is erroring out with "No Activity found to handle Intent { act=android.speech.action.RECOGNIZE_SPEECH (has extras) }"

Hello Rebecca

We would need to see the App's code in this case.

Here's the code.

The problem occurs as soon as I hit speak (before I 'let go' of the button)

Error message included.

The Student is using this tutorial as the basis for his enhanced Project:

Voice Calculator Tutorial - MIT App Inventor › explore › resources › voice-calc...

The tutorial explicitly states Important : Please note that for this project you cannot use the Emulator to test your app as it does not have Speech Recognition capability. Similarly your mobile device must have Speech Recognition capability for the Voice Calculator to work.

Your student is trying code on an emulator Rebecca. This and his/her additional code added to the tutorial may be causing the issue.