NipkowDisc Old TV

How can i spin a 32 hole nipkow disk with a slide switch to increase the speed . A Nipkow disk is a disk that was used as the first mechanical television

How are you controlling the motor that runs the disk ?

maybe by shifting each 11.25 degrees to 360 degrees and then setting this in time or something, I don't know either that's why I'm asking here
Mechanical television exists, but no app yet that can simulate it, so I thought I would give it a try with some help

Ah, you want to simulate the device in an app ?

We will need to know more, much more, and where you have got to so far: blocks, screenshots etc.



Thank you very much for responding to my question, maybe you can help me, that would be nice
Here I have some images that I hope clarify a bit what I want
First you have the yellow disk with an animation in it (comes from kits), which is a kind of pixel art that is written with 1 and 0, 1 is black and 0 is white, see here a part of the image
run1 frame_begin
line b'0000000000'
line b'0000000000'
line b'0000011000'
line b'0000011000'
line b'0000000000'
line b'0011110000'
line b'0010111010'
line b'0010110100'
line b'0000110000'
line b'0001111100'
line b'0001000100'
line b'0111000100'
line b'1000000011'
line b'0000000000'
line b'1111111111'
By now spinning the disk, line by line is written, you have 15 rows and 10 columns, and due to the speed of the disk you get this animation due to the inertia of the eye as can be seen on the yellow disk, the animation is a stick figure that jumps over a hurdle (hurdler)
The last image is so to speak the screen where everything is seen, so behind it there is an LED that is synchronized with bits of the image
I hope this clarifies a bit
Phenakistoscope (I was thinking about it while writing)
Maybe this also helps, almost the same principle, but then a disk with images drawn on it that also rotates at a speed that the movable image can be seen in the window, maybe this approach is a little easier, you could possibly make the disk invisible and only the window use as a screen where the movable image can be seen
This may be better than the previous one (Nipkow disk), and making the drawings with pixel art, I think gives the same end result?

Can someone give me the Animation Extension by Andres Daniel, I can't download the aix
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Dit zou ik kunnen gebruiken om de nipkowschijf te kunnen draaien , is te zien op volgend youtube : Disc

thanks for answering, I did the following like what I see in the youtube, see image, but it doesn't work

Maybe this can clarify how it works:

this is a youtube that explains it

It seems another different extension...I don't know where it can be.

Too bad but thanks for answering, maybe someone else has advice

If you want to play with the Nipkow Effect, you could try with Balls on a Canvas, running on circular tracks around the center, spaced apart in a spiral.

You would need an image file you could 'scan' by putting it into a Canvas and collecting pixel colors at (x,y) into a table, for use in controlling Ball visibility and color as they pass the aperture where you took the pixel measurements beforehand.

I hope you remember your trigonometry. You will need it.

This is what I have already found in this forum " Ruleta2" and changed to my Nipkow disk, so that was what I wanted to see first, if I can now adjust the speed between, let's say, 0 and 500 rpm, I am one step further, I think I have to set the degrees to 24. I think we are moving in the right direction