How do you bring a number to the desired form after conversion (Animacion extension)

Hi! I dream of understanding how this extension works. But I don't have any examples to start with.
Can anyone suggest or make a test project to begin with? To at least have an idea about the work of this extension!

First, describe what you are actually looking for or what you want to achieve and show us what you have tried so far.

My task is to provide animation of rotation from the initial value to the value set by the slider,

smoothly. That is, so that the animation starts and runs to the set value as smoothly as possible (smoother). I'm trying to do this with two extensions, but I think one of the extensions is the heir of the other. It doesn't matter with which extension it will achieve the goal.

animat.aia (21.2 KB)
anim.aia (19.8 KB)

Always post the relevant blocks as well.

anim_2.aia (20.4 KB)

Thanks! You have helped me a lot!

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