NFC reader and Android13: I do not understand why it works in this way

Hello guys, very stupid problem here... when I scan a NFC tag instead of save the tag content my app opens a screen, that I did not design, having "Nuovo tag raccolto" as its title that is the Italian for "New tag collected" and writes the content of the tag in its screen. I made a very stupid test aia and a screen recording to be more clear what I did want design and the unattended behaviour on Android13 phone.

TestNFCScreen1.aia (2.0 KB)

A little update: the problem appears using some models of ST NFC cards/labels and I-CODE SLI-X NFC cards by NXP. Very curious.

After some tests seems to me that the NFC component is not realiable and simply not usable in Android 13.

Hi @mmanca,
what You see is the same I wrote here:

My opinion is:
the android device show you "Nuovo Tag Raccolto" because the foreground dispatch is not implemented in the NearField component.
Appears using some model, because there isn't the android.nfc.action.TECH_DISCOVERED in the manifest, and there isn't the nfc_tech_list.xml file
Solution not found yet, I tried to add in my extension but does not work.

I don't know what You have to do, but if You can try Mifare Classic 1K tag they work with my extension.

Best Regards
Marco Perrone

It is very strange because between 2015 and 2018 it worked well with the same tags and cards I used for the test. I have the phone used originally but actually it does not work also. In those years I did not use AI2Offline, I started using it in 2018 2nd half so I can not reply the original tests properly.