Newest issue since the update: missing sprites

Since MIT updated the way it connects to the companion app, the coding class I teach has been having issues with their apps once they are on their Ipads. The newest one is that they can't see any sprites on a canvas. It has been every student and I'm not sure what to try to fix it. Any suggestions?

@Matthew_Johnson Please attach a copy of the project you're trying to load and we will take a look. Also, are you doing the development on the iPad itself or with a separate computer?

Hello. Thank you for helping! I'm attaching a completed version of the code. We are developing the app on Dell laptops and then trying them out on Ipads.
A1_7_GermFighter_TR_withExtensions (1).aia (2.6 MB)

Great, thanks. We'll have someone take a look at the project on iPad and see what's going wrong.

Thank you!

Is there an update?
I encountered the same issue where the sprite won't display in the canvas in the iOS app inventor, but it works normally on Android.

I found the issue. If the spriteimage's width and height are set to automatic, the image will disappear.

The MIT team never ended up getting back to me. Luckily, another coding teacher found an answer. You just have to adjust the sprites height and width to a set number of pixels instead of automatic. I hope this helps!

There is a beta version 2.64.1 from Jan 5 that should fix the sprite problem: