Newbie Questions before begin to program an app

I have any questions before i will begin to program an app.

I want to use a sqlite-DB in the app to save serveral informations.

Where will the app store the DB? Can I see these DB-file with the help of a file manager?

I can store the DB-File to the external storage, no problem. Can I also restore the DB-file from the backup to the app?

Sorry for my bad english.

Regards Frank

It might be easier to export the database... my sqlite extension offers a method for that. ., same for import...


Thank you, ABG and Taifun

I will test to export the database with the extension.

When I import the database, will these method overwrite the existing database-information?




Thank you, it works perfect.

Big Thanks for your fantastic extensions.


One Question more please.

Exists a extension to backup and restore data to my google drive?

Follows steps should be needed (from inside the app):

Create a backup

  1. Create a directory in the root of my private google drive with the name of the app
  2. Copy files (a database-file and a zip-file) to this directory in google drive from the private data dir of the app

Restore a backup
Copy files from these directory google drive to the private data dir of the app.

Regards Frank