Newbie asking WebApi questions?

Hello experts
I want to find WebAPI to teach
But I couldn't find what I wanted to know, so I came here to ask
Because the WebAPI used needs to put the account password,
I'm not quite sure where to put it?
Can someone tell me
Or if there is a similar teaching, you can send me a link
Thanks in advance

what's the url of this api? where is its documents?

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This WebAPI is provided by a software
The exact location should be in the computer
Only the documents provided by his official website
SmartConnector RESTful EWS Gateway .pdf (2.3 MB)

API is provided in Swagger

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: Bearer AQAAANCMnd8BFdERjHoAwE_Cl-sBAAAAy3EMQMG5jkWti-y1_91vgQAAAAACAAAAAAAQZgAAAAEAACAAAAB_sL9WSKYoDjrIqiP4HTMyuI3Wpp41hShbGl46GL5JFQAAAAAOgAAAAAIAACAAAAAZ-k_gCO_CQUR7v-bfFKScajfYH7AtQdWviFdKetSZzNABAABt07xw1pYpn1cHLJzI1amkDRUBKHFD9JHoYB0zuf0gAXaSo1oDOrhSV7uyYIQaKdJUsrnUwV8VirLR5Pj-x--VDNF1knrrNuOQYU_GuVCc_NdBSdfEddMfIeso8Fl9hTF4IZv7yxaDAr4UIdRnCzTeYd9vYZcwzQ4yuaoyo62-5nA7PEU0TH6vPNIhzhpxnNnGcT1MsRL2PQpP64u4mN-s0SnwhhHvL_Y5EUUyzQAQaOu8k0IlUAYwhnrpiG75xZyXNZSuGZMiTTuSXWxhz__zBJLFnyN-JQcI455KIRBZVScQVghOSeF00CmkGmsPZB9wA7KNx1mY_J-vpzaIXjyCgnivlG8Fu6s65xDiYaVhpRG-XBQ3xRdgFHtXeVPMA4AwfuCiwm9RwrKNU0PaYqMxQHdhKZdQwVraQpKPuYuZOo73ZoRBunGHC_OWMEGB0qPMuDWJH0eD2Up5xddGJZodkocOZAwSklbdVuoTTD3MR-sAO1MHP34nIt7v3ablJeS1rFi58P1A7OHrp_qyeo8-z_ShjnZPjdm4bQDQuDHEAZ6R5sTe-d5Fjy9ZRLIRGPcLcs3X3Zk1O1VFU8If4pUcEo5mUSopG6FzEV8jvXREmUAAAACyTQWBpWGTt-wkUvezwW3U2NnipLORn2Gx6BB_wVntoxyyEE-qxPLPxduEiijBi-QROSqJk-QMpeHifulWs4tG' ''

How do I convert the program into MIT AI2?

this may help you:


That's right
this is what i want
thank you very much

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