New component "Translator" problem?

Start new project ---> add some button and label ---> add "Translator" (YandexTranslate revised to Translator)

Problem: AI Companion connect to my phone. Screen all blank

Remove "Translator" component return to normal, button and label appear.

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Companion's version used to test ? Use the QR code in Help>Companion Information to install 2.63 u

Unfortunately the new companion is currently in limbo in the Google Play Store. You can either wait for it to be rolled out (we're not sure when this is going to happen right now), or you can download the version from the Companion Information dialog as mentioned by @dora_paz.

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(added to Breaking News section of FAQ)

The companion update is rolling out on the Play Store currently. You should be able to upgrade via the Play Store within the hour.

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Yes, Updated AI2 companion and resolved. Thanks!

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