New Android announcement for the API 14 (level 34)

@Taifun thank you for usual response. Pls, notify us when the update is available in MIT app inventor. We have a lot of work to do.

I used the test server (technical preiew server: to build the bundle but Google Console continues to report that my app does not comply with the rules even if SDK Target is 34

Dear TIMA2,

Thank you very much. How can I please request the extension to November 2024? This would be great. Thanks!

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Target API level requirements for Google Play apps - Play Console Help

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As I said in post #41, there is no extension to Nov 2024 if your app is currently targeting SDK 33 (only if targeting SDK 31 or below).

Yes, it may take some time (hours, 1-2 days) for the warning to disappear.

... and in particular you can no longer make updates, so that your app will increasingly disappear from the Play Store in the years after SDK 34, as it will then only be visible in the Play Store for devices with an API ≤ 33.

j'ai réçu ce message de la part: Google Play for business | Launch & monetize your apps | Google Play Console

L'appli doit cibler Android 14 (niveau d'API 34) ou une version ultérieure

Pour offrir une expérience sécurisée aux utilisateurs, Google Play exige que toutes les applis répondent aux exigences du niveau d'API cible.

À compter du 31 août 2024, si votre appli ne cible pas un niveau d'API disponible depuis moins d'un an après la dernière version d'Android, vous ne serez plus en mesure de mettre à jour votre appli.

Que dois-je faire ?

any update sirmam?

updates pls, thank you


Hello Taifun,
Could you let me informed when API 14 (Level 34) is available on MIT ?
Because, like everyone, i should upgrade my app to be able to continu to propose her on google store...
Thank you for your help and your work !
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No, I don't. And I have a dozen apps in the Play Store for more than 10 years.

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this will be announced also in this thread

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