Need to send continuous signals using voice commands

I've made a app for my Arduino car and I'm stuck in this step. I need to go my car continuously forward when I gave a voice command. But now it just goes one step forward and stops.
I need to set the blocks that car will go forward until I say 'stop' command. Could anyone please help me to solve this problem.

this is my voice recognition block looks like

You could use a Clock Timer to repeatedly send the contents of a global variable.

Use the Speech recognition to change the contents of the global variable.

Can you give a simple example please? I used the clock to set the touchdown touchup in the buttons. But I don't get how to use the clock with the speech recognition. (

Welcom Joney.

It appears to me you may not be using the GetText block in the wrong place to elicit a command.

Try the model shown in this tutorial HOW TO: Program the native SpeechRecognizer for Continuous Dictation and to do things
that shows how to turn a Button to a color.

I don't think you need a Clock. Try the aia example.

Hi! I opened the aia but it seems little bit confusing. Sorry I'm new to this platform. Is there any other way to do it? With or without the clock. Appreciate it!

What to you is confusing? Read the documentation for your android script and the Speech Recognizer * SpeechRecognizer and the tutorial You need to understand how each tool works to get your car working.

I assume if you send an F to the arduino, the car moves forward continuously. Is that how it works?

when I send F to arduino it just moves one step forward and then stops.
But I managed it by creating touchdown and touchup buttons. I put two clocks and a global variable. So now when Im holding the button it moves continuously. Everything fine with buttons. But I dont understand how to do the same with voice recognition.(

A simple way might be to say 'go forward' 'go forward' 'go forward' while you want it to move ahead. When you 'turn left' I expect the L is supposed to send only once.

I imagine there is a script code to keep executing a code F continuously but I don't know.

A quick way to see if the above might work would be to replace the Parrot's AfterGettingText contents to look like this


The SpeechRecognizer.GetText will come using the Parrot's code when you use Button1.

This modification might send a string of F to keep the robot moving for five steps. Will it work. SRI, don't know.

Thank you very much! I will try to modify my code with those examples. Lemme try)

Hey! Update!
It didn't work.
Ill try to find a way. Thank you very much!

Sorry it did not work. Just for information, when you tried the Parrot aia, could you get the app to change the color of the Button using voice commands?

If you share the code you used, I still may be able to help. I have some other ideas but no Arduino. :cry:

Thank you for letting me know the code didn't work for your project.