Need help with wifi connection please

Hi, I need help please. I am very old and have a bad mind. No kidding, I have terrible trouble with this. A few years ago I managed to make a simple app for my phone to control a dog door. It uses a ESP8266 through a router from a smart phone. I cannot figure out how I did this and after 5 hours of looking on the internet for explanations of how to do it again I have no clue. I had to change routers and not my phone says it cannot connect to the address.
Thanks, Tom

Here an example:

Yes I know that and the box web1 has the URL but my new router does not know what to do and I cannot find out how to do it!!
Thanks, Tom

Possibly your new router has a different IP address Tom. We do not know.

How to find your router IP address on Windows

  1. Click View network status and tasks under Network and Internet;
  2. Click on your Wi-Fi name, which you should see next to Connections;
  3. A new window will pop up. ...
  4. You should see your public IP address under IPv4 Default Gateway.
  5. Or you can use the Command Prompt: ...
  6. Type ipconfig;

If you share the aia or Blocks from your app that used to work, someone might be able to provide specific advice.

Thanks all, router had to be set as access point and static IP, still there should be somewhere simple instructions for using app on phone to control wifi devices like ESP8266
Best, Tom

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