Need Help with a simple App

Hey Guys, im New and I need your help.
I want to make an App for an yu GI oh game where u can search any card and the App Shows u where to get the card. I have an excel table with all cards and where to get it but i know how to build the App…
Sorry for my Bad english.

Thank u


That table has 10,000 rows.

You have several possibilities ...

  • Look up the item directly in the online spreadsheet (if the spreadsheet keeps changing), or
  • Load a Comma Separated Values (csv) or JSON download of the table from the Media folder and use a dictionary to map column 1 into column 2 if the table never changes.
  • preload a SQLIte database in your app for fast lookup, using an SQLite extension.

Here's the Google Sheets FAQ:

Look for a way to query your Google Sheets table in SQL using a LIKE clause, to shorten searches.

Here is my incomplete attempt to use SQLite for a lookup like this ...!msg/mitappinventortest/LwJVNkyvPgU/vTaelFfzFgAJ

How to query any Google Sheet

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