Need help to decide if AI could fit my requirements


I would like to build a litte App to visualize a couple of serial sensor data.
But I'm not sure if App Inventor (AI) covers that what I would like to get. I don't want
to start with AI and give up after a while. I watched some videos and read
some descriptions, but I did not find a sufficient answer from my point of view.

Can please help someone and tell me if the following requirements can be
covered by AI?

Assume an Android smartphone is connected to a local WiFi network:

  • open a TCP client and connect to a certain TCP server
  • send and receive short commands just via TCP
  • display received data in a numerical and graphical manner in real time.
    (simple line graphic, but at least 3 graphs in chart)

Would be nice if someone could advice.
Thank you very much

There is an extension to work with TCP

and you could use the chart component to display realtime data


Great, thank you very for much your advice.
I briefly checked the TCP and the graphic test and it works.
So I think I can start and I hope I can count of
further help if I stuck anwhere.