Need help to create a calendar

hi everyone im making a project that is going to use a calendar and i wanted to make certain days of the week select whenever the user click in a button for example when the user clicks all the thusdays of the month appear in green does anyone knows how to do it?

probably all we know about calendars....

Well I don’t really understand what you’re trying to ask but

For this one you can use list-in-listto detect if all components in the group of an inner list agrees with some detection it gives result
You can go the old-fashion way by making every single date a component, and using the help with the list-in-list, using any component block will be easy.
The list variable needed to be set at the start, for one of them in my project looks like this

Note: the green block is a component block
Now for an easier understanding of how to extract the value I will use this as a list template

Let’s start with a better-understanding block for that list variable
For this one, the “select list item” is getting the data of index 1, since it is a another list this will result a list back

Easily to see the answer, it results “Abc”
Now the next one, this will get index 1 from the list, which is another list
Confusing? Not really

Since the index 1 of the list variable is a list, it will result the list ([“music.mp3”, 12345]) back
But how do you get the item in the list?

Since selecting index 1 in that list is another list, we can use another select list item, like the one :point_up: here, and it results “music.mp3” for this one.
Same logic, for this one, we get index 3 from the list which is the result of index 2 of the list variable.

Well what is the result?
It is the colour black.
Since you are getting the 2nd list of the list variable, and the 3rd item in that list is the colour black, it results black
Oh by the way, idk if it does to anyone else, at least list-in-list made me myself mental breakdown the most lol

That's too much components, more of these could result in a DX error when compiling the app. You can use some of the extensions here to create them dynamically. :smiley:

See how I color my weekend components in