NaturalEval : Evals the given natural language


I had create my AdvancedCalculator extension some days ago, so from 4 days I was trying to complete this extension, which evals the natural language input given :grinning:.

I know this extension may have a lot of bugs, please say me if you found them.

Note : (Sums will be calculated according to BODMAS)
Note 2 : (Do not calculate direct sums)


component_method (26)

Calculates the given natural lang sum

Returns : String/result

component_event (8)

Raised when error ocuured

errorMessage : String/error


Sum to calculate : 32 + (2*4)

Result : 32 + (2*4) = 40

Sum to calculate : sin(23) × 3

Result : sin(23) × 3 = 1.1721933854678213

This extension can also calculate square-root, sinh, cos, tan & cube-root.

Natural Eval : AppInventor Extension by Xoma (Kumaraswamy) is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0


net.naturaleval.xoma.aix (14.0 KB)


Google drive

Any suggestions are appreciated :grinning: also say me if you find any bugs..