My messaging app is not working please help

M_Chat.aia (19.7 KB)

What is not working, at what point does it not work?

I will make a messaging application, but when I write the message and send it, it does not appear in the list.

Show your relevant blocks

I sent the aia file but

it's a bit different but this is my first messaging project

These are the basic blocks you need


thanks for me

Does it work for you ?

i will try now

What happened when you tried it ?

is the code correct

Did you try it, does it work as expected ?

I will let you know the result in 10 minutes.

I won't be here in ten minutes

yes, it works fine, but there is a problem when I first open the application, the messages do not appear in the list

will you help


Here is a chat tutorial you might want to try Mert.

It shows how to ensure the previous chats display when the app opens. Remember to use the Chat component you MUST have a WIFI or DATA link to the Internet active.