My location app's address ,latitude and logitude don't work

hello friends
I want to have an app that shows my situation's address ,latitude and logitude .But my location app doesn't work .aia is in attach.please help me. Thanks alot
soundRec2forumquestion.aia (159.3 KB)

Of course it does work. You are not waiting long enough. As written you need to wait at least 60 seconds or more to acquire a satellite fix and be near a window so your device can get a signal from the gps satellites.

Here is your Project with revised code.
soundRec2forumquestionFixed.aia (7.5 KB)

Try it.

Do you need more help? Try How to put my location on a map - #2 by SteveJG

Thanks for your response dear Steve
But it doesn't work yet in my location. :pensive: Did you tried it? if yes ,I have to call support team.

What do you expect to happen?

Is your address not posting? Do you get a message No address available. The Google database does not provide addresses for all locations.

Yes, I tried the code. Your app, as I modified, does indeed work. The examples I post fills the latitude and longitude labels and the address and posts the location to a map.

You might

  • go outside your building and test;
  • make sure your device's Android Settings for Location are turned on;
  • make sure your device has a gps receiver

Are you testing on a real device; the code will not work in the emulator

Are you trying to run this on Companion for ios.. It possibly will not run on ios.

How long are you waiting for the information from the gps? The first time you run the app, it might take a minute or more to achieve a satellite fix.

The problem solved .it was network provider i changed it to Network and now it is working. Thanks a lot

Glad you discovered your issue.

You should not have had to do that? The LocationSensor defaults to use any available Provider unless you manually have set the Provider to something else or used Blocks to set it to gps or something else.

To use the Map component, the Android must generally have access to a WIFI or a data connection.
If you use the LocationSensor without the Map component, the gps will work without a Network connection :cry: .

What was your Provider set to before you changed it to Network?

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