My listview is not displaying the way I want

i am having a problem with my listview. I have it set to Main text, detail text ( horizontal) but it's not displaying correctly. Here's my code:

And the code when screen initialize :

I've tried a few different things and am getting nowhere.
That disabled block just displays the main text. I will delete it when the listview procedure works.
Any help would be appreciated.

You appear to be setting entire lists to a single element in your listview. You probably want to be iterating over each item in the two lists, and assigning them to a single element in turn.

Thanks for the reply. Never done itinerate before. Is there a tutorial or example code somewhere I can use?

See chapters 19 and 20 of

That would be iterate, not itinerate :wink:

Try blocks like this

i tried the above blocks but it still only displays the main text. what am I missing ?

Can you post a screenshot of how it looks at run time?

Have you selected the required Listview Layout in the Designer?


I have horizontal selected.

Works OK for me



and if layout set to horizontal (orientation still set vertical)


Have you got any whitespace at the end of your Main text entries? This will push the detail text off screen if set to horizontal...

I didn't download the apk to my phone, I've only checked it using companion. Would that cause the problem? I will also check for the whitespace issue. Thanks for all the help.

It shouldn't

Try setting the list layout to main text detail text (vertical)

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

It is time to check your data content.

RateMyCampsite.aia (62.2 KB)

Here it is.

The problem was in the DetailTextColor of the ListView.
Change it from default to Black.
Likewise for TextColor.

Awesome, thanks everyone

By the way, this app does not make sense if the data is collected in TinyDB.

A common data store like the new Google Sheets component would make the collected information available to more people instead of sitting in one phone.

That's next. Just for me and my family.

Still not displaying properly. It should display the park name and then the campsite number. As you can see in the screenshot, it is displaying the same number for all three.

RateMyCampsite.aia (66.6 KB)