My Intel is recognized as AMD

Win10 Enterprice; HP Z420; Intel Xeon E5 1603; aiStarter: Architecture: AMD64

What should I do?

Open a Project at and use the Connect->Emulator option.

Alert only.

Not work

Time to switch to another Connection method.

You might need a different emulator too.

AMD64 is CPU's Architecture, which has nothing to do with your CPU manufacturer/vendor, if you're using 32-bit system, it will display as i386 even if your CPU isn't Intel 80386 and if you're using 64-bit system, it will display is AMD64 even if you're not using a CPU from AMD.

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Note that it will show AMD64 for 64-bit architectures extending the Intel x86 architecture mostly. I think Intel Itanium based architectures may show something else, but these are server class CPUs that most people wouldn't be running App Inventor with.

For Apple Silicon and other ARM-based 64-bit architectures it will show arm64 instead.

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