My emulator will not work (Windows 10)

Hello, my app inventor emulator will not work, it has been about 3 months since I used the program so I went trough the process of updating it and deleting past versions. I made sure to run everything as administrator and the program itself loads and comes up. However, when I try to connect it to any of the apps I have made, it does not connect, even if the “aiStarter” is running. I have made sure there are no extensions blocking it from working and made sure that the file location is correct. Help??

If you’re reinstalled everything, it may be the case that your firewall may be blocking incoming connections from the browser to aiStarter. Do you have an allowance in your firewall rules to let aiStarter accept incoming connections?

No, not that I see.

Emulator do not show lateral pane with device command, is there any trick to make it appear or is ther a bug? thank you