My app keeps crashing down

I have 6 screens and for some reason, it works fine but when I click the reset button on the boss level it crashes. If you need me to send more photos of the screens I can. image

At the bottom of the Block, Clock1 Timer is started, then another Screen is opened.

This is the issue - before swapping Screens, you must ensure that no timers are running. Also, make sure the Timers do not have "Timer Always Fires" set to true.

Note, you could have discovered the fault yourself, by removing blocks form the Button Click Block one-by-one until the crash does not happen - then you have found the culprit.

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Failure to close screens as often as you open them can make you run out of RAM.

I tried the time always fires and for some reason, it still crashes. Is there any other way I can fix it?

read the general tips, especially tip 1


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Did you miss that tip? You can't start a timer and then open another screen.


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