My app is getting server issues

The website is getting server issues , AI Companion companion also gets disconnected too early help me. Internet connection is strong also. There is no warning or error in the code

Hello shorya

It is most likely that something about your project is "big". Do you have many images? If so, make sure they are properly optimised. Cannot Build/Install/Run APK

Hello! Yes, I have 5-6 images and one is for background and one is for icon. and others are also important. Yes, earlier, it was of 4.1 mb and now I dont know anything about size. Please explain me about the links also. If possible. and please solve this issue as this is my official project. Thank you


The links are to my website - most important is to optimise the images for Android and I give details on how to do that.

Are you regularly backing-up your project by exporting the .aia file to your PC? Very important to do so, just incase a disaster happens on the MIT server or you find you have made a big code change that didn't work as expected and need to return to an earlier version of the project.

Yes! There is a big code in there!!! Also, yes, I have installed the apk 2 to 3 times in laptop and phone. I will surely see you website in some time as I am in my online classes right now. also, i tried to change version and version mode to 2 and 2.0 respectively. Also, I have added taifun google extension and taifun notification
I hope you will understand everything. Thank you sir


Version and Version mode is for Google Play, so they should not be touched unless your App is distributed via Google Play Store.

If you have a lot of code (a lot of screens too?) it all adds up. Apps need to be kept as lean and mean as possible. If can later see your code (fix your images first) we can probably give you some tips on how to improve it.

You might also remove file AudioDots(1).png from your Media folder.
I see you already have an AudioDots.png file there.
Special characters like () in file names sometimes cause problems.

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How to Backup your Project (very important!): Project File Care

no, I dont have much code, but yes, we need to set zoom to 45 percent to see whole page code, but only 4 screens
Ok, I will rename them back to 1 and 1.0

No sir, no file has been removed from my laptop, so I will rename them now
thank you sir, I hope my problem gets fixed now!

I am not able to understand sir, that it is showing "compiler error output was" and then does not do anything also in the picture[i showed above], it is showing the same thing

Hard to say what happens at that moment but basically the error that occurs is either un documented (though we should have a message to that effect) or the failure is so bad that the message just doesn't get to finish.

So, to recap, backup your project to your PC, optimise your images, try to compile, report back to us.

Sir, as seen today, I have gone through all the links provided by you and have done the required changes. I am still getting the issues. Also, if you are one of the admin of Mit, me, as a programmer, I love this app. But this is the first time in 5 years, this problem has occurred. Is this so, as there are a lot of apps in my account, it is getting issues?Also, I could have ignored this issue and made another app, but the deadline is around 20th July. Also, I have renamed each of the pictures, elements and everything to a different name. Event after removing the "(1)" thingy from the icon. And also, backup-ed an aia file and restored it, but still, both of the apps are getting the same error. If you are the admin, please jump into my place and recommend me a solution. Please

Now, It is in its first stage of compiling, but not moving further again!!!!!! :frowning: :rofl: :joy: Is it so, as I have built it up thousand of times?

hi shorya
u can try installing your app with another account.. maybe that would be helpful

Mam, I would surely do that, but can you please that how to share file to collaborators as I don't want to publish it. It would be very great of you. Thank you

whom are you saying this? please confirm

Mam, you, mam

its not sir then, my gender is female

you can share your aia file

thanks for correction, btw from your name i assume that you belong to India , right?

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