My app is getting server issues

Mam, I want to keep this file private. Is there any way, we can talk? I want that I don't share my code to anyone, but, I can talk to you personally and then you can suggest?

ok, fine you can msg me , personally
i can see your code

click on my user name , you will message option , click there & you can msg me privately .. ok?

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Have you tried exporting the .aia file and loading it onto ?
That's on different servers, with more capacity.
There is a Google signon option.

Yes sir, I have tried to do it with different account. Also, I can try with this server also. I am able to install other apps. Also, I have installed the aia file , and imported with 2 to 3 different account, but the same issue persisted. Other apps are perfectly downloading. Also, sorry everyone for the late response, I was out of the total reply limit and couldn't even message anyone. Guys please help me it's very, very important.

Maybe you have a project in a project.
Show the file structure of your aia. Open it with 7-Zip winRAR.

See here:

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There is an Unchive facility that can prepare an extract of your project suitable for browsing by others, but incapable of loading as source code.

That would help diagnose your project.

Alternatively, remove the Media from your project and restore them later, using .AIA Tools

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Hello Mit Community! I am thinking of providing the current aia of my app. Please see the error as I am not getting the archive thingy. I have tried to install it with different accounts but the same issue occurs, I know there is some issue in my app, but not getting what. Please look at it shoryagarwal.aia (884.9 KB)

shorya have you tried what Anke said?

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I am not getting the steps to do it. Mam just gave a proper aia file, and that's not clear that how to do it.

As I said, you have a project in a project.

And you used AppyBuilder.

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ok , you need to go to the topic shared.. she must have explained there
okay ?

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So how to remove it mam?

No, I read the whole convos, mam just gave the correct aia

Here is the new one: shoryagarwal2.aia (853.0 KB)

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Mam, please tell that how to remove it or else, I need to get back to the community again and again

Check my aia first ...

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Done! Please teach me how to fix it

Mam please teach via screenshots

Remove the yellow marked items (folder):