My app crashes when switching from my second screen to my third

whenever i switch through tapping a sprite, instead of displaying the screen like it should, the whole app crashes, before I had 3 screens it would switch seemlessly. Heres the relevant code:

Maybe you need to stop all your timers before the screen switching,

Show the relevant blocks how you switch the 3 screens.

image SCREEN 1 to SCREEN 2

image SCREEN 2 to SCREEN 3

You must close Screen2 when switching to Screen3.

Tried it, doesn't work.

how do i do that?

On Screen2

Still crashes... It says network error, although it works from screen 1 to screen 2, the problem is between 2 and 3

Did you follow the advices relative to timers and screen switching? Have you shared your blocks from these screens?

Post all (relevant) blocks.

This is the block that starts the timers on screen 3, they are all initially disabled

Screen 2 blocks

Where are you stoping Clock1 and Delay timers before to switch to screen Game?

We must see the blocks in Screen3 (Game).

Do they not stop automatically after the switch?


All timer blocks in Screen 3 (game)

Wow I added
and now everything is perfect, thank you so much!!
Also thank you to Anke too!

On which screen?

If a screen is closed, all timers are disabled automatically. So it shouldn't be necessary to disable the timers.