My app crashes when switching from my second screen to my third

on screen 2

Please send the aia to me via PM. I want to check and see it with my own eyes.

I sent it

I have no issues with Companion (Android 13) and especially with the APK after disabling both (timer) blocks:

Did you test with Companion or the APK? On which device & Android version?

I use the companion or emulator or whatever its called, before i added those blocks it would just close the whole emulator for some reason.

Aaaand i just added a splash screen and its broken again
But i put this on screen 1 and it switches fine from screen 1 to screen 2, its broken again on screen 3

I haven't used the emulator for probably 10 years. Use Companion or better (when it comes to switching screens) the APK, since with Companion there is basically only one screen.

So as I said: "If a screen is closed, all timers are disabled automatically. So it shouldn't be necessary to disable the timers."

On the companion i tap the watermelon and it doesnt even switch to the screen, and then when i test screen 3 by itself, the fruits when tapped should turn to a splat and then disappear and reappear but instead they just stay as splats

Hmm, strange. I have no issue. Check with the APK. This should work.
And answer this question:

I use iOS, I will give it a try later today or tomorrow and I'll update you

You should have mentioned this at the beginning!

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