Multiple User Login

Hello everyone.
I am kind of stuck. Now here is the problem. I have created a sign-up and login Screens. I was able to make the sign-up screen but I am having problems in the login screen. It is quite made but there is a problem. When the user signs up then logs in the application, the application only checks whether the username entered is correct not the password as well. Like if I were to register the Username" 123" and the password " ABC" but when I log in the username "123" and the password "def" it allows me to enter the main screen even though it should not. I want it to only allow me to enter when I write "ABC" as a password. It allows me to enter the main screen when I write the correct username and password and when I write the correct username and wrong password. I hope you understand my problem.
these are my draggable blocks. thanks in advance. :slight_smile:
blocks (6) blocks (5)

blocks (3) blocks (2)

See if this helps:

I don't understand why to enter the Main screen your check question is:
if (global_username == "user" .and. global_username != "pass" ) then.... ?
I suppose it should be:
if(global_username == "user" .and. global_password == "pass") then...
to allow entering the Main screen.
Maybe I miss something in your code/explanation ?

Sorry. I was did not to see that mistake man. Thanks for pointing it out.I really appreciate that. It really helped and I really appreciate it. And thanks ABG for your reply as well. It was also helpful. Thanks everyone. Cheers.

My pleasure that it helped... :blush:


Sorry, wrong name. I wanted to Thanks TIMAI2 but wrote the wrong name by mistake. I am realizing it right now. Thanks TIMAI2 for your help

I wanted to ask a question. I kind of want multiple users to log into the application but I also want a universal username and a password. Like I want a username to be 123 and password : abc but I also want have multiple users to log into it with a universal username and a password that any user can use to log in but i don't want the user to know except that I tell them. I hope I am able to explain my problem correctly. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Just add that user/pass on app startup. If you want you can add another tag to tinydb to prevent it running everytime.

Can you please show me in the blocks. That way it is better for me to understand. I hope you understand.

Something like this:

I have done exactly what you have done but it is not accepting. Plus I want to open another screen when the username and password are correct and it won't open also. I added the open screen block under the call procedure one. I hope I am right here. I don't know what to do here. Please help!!! :worried:

I did say something like that!

I do not know what your blocks are like or how your are setting and storing usernames and passwords

These are the blocks if you want to have a look at them

That actually doesn't help, unless you really are storing usernames and passwords in separate unrelated tags ? What is in "result" and where does that come from ?

Basically the username and the passwords are created by the user in the signup screen and that username and password are used here to log in. That is the thing. I want the user to create their own username and passwords plus I also want a universal username and password like I stated above plus this function. I want the user to create there own username and password plus one that is already created by me that can be used by anyone who has access to the application if they know it. I hope I am able to explain my problem to you.

Show me the blocks for the registration screen and how you are saving the usernames and passwords

You are storing usernames and passwords in separate unrelated tags. This means that any correct username can sign in with any correct password..... it is novel.....

These blocks should work, must be on Screen1.


You may need to reset the defaultUser tag to empty.