Multiple Offerwalls

Hi guys so i'm working on a new app and i was thinking about adding multiple Offerwalls eg ( adgem ,offertoro,adgatemedia ...) And i didn't find anyway yet can provide only one offerwall i want to learn how to make extensions or if someone know any other way like a webview or anything that could help and thank you so much for reading this <3

Then do you mean you need another service like Enchance Ads?

May i ask why you want to use an educational tool like App Inventor for something like this, instead of the clones that are around like Kodular, Niotron and Appzard who already have options for monetizing your app?


App Inventor is only for learning not for what you say

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It's not earning app btw not as you think

Another thing Kodular is not a Clone is one of the first and the best app builder , merged with appybuilder just saying

Yes if there is another service it could be helpful

You many Try:


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Just to inform you Kodular, Appzard, Niotron and also AppyBuilder are App Inventor clones. Without App Inventor they never would have existed.


Dm me for any help :smiling_face: I will try to fulfil ur needs

Kodular is not first app builder platform. App Inventor is the first app builder. Kodular and others got an idea to create app builder from App Inventor.

If Kodular is best so why are you here use Kodular
again I tell you App Inventor is only for learning.
Use any ad extension for monetizing.
Understood, Moderators please close this topic.


Okay thank you <3

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Don't be Toxic i'm just giving my opinion about something point of view can be different but we r not enemies

I know you are not our enemies.

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