[PAID] Admob Ads Extension - Monetize Your Apps (20.1.0)

Admob Ads Extension - Monetize Your Apps (20.1.0)

Hello guys, I've built this ads extension for you to monetize your apps with admob ads. Testing mode available to test your own ads. Also native ad available.

Total Blocks
20 events, 8 functions and 8 properties available on this time.


Banner Ads
5 types of banner ads available. Same block to show all types banner ads.

Interstitial Ad
With the latest sdk only 4 events available right now.

Reward Ad
With latest sdk only 5 events available right now.

Native Ad
Using this block you can show admob native ads. Handle user activity with events.

Extension Specifications:

[link removed]
Version: 20.1.0
Price: $17.55 USD
Last amendment: 24 Jun 2021


What is the amount of this extension

Topic updated, please read again

Nice extension @JEWEL :blush:

Hello, this extension is compatible with KODULAR FENIX

You cannot use most/if any ad extensions in Kodular

How to buy this extension?

Hello @Laura_FE, Welcome to the community, you can dm author but, as you are new, wait for @JEWEL to dm you

Please check message?
I've knocked you in personal message.

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okay thanks

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I have contacted you on telegram. and is on process of payment :grin::+1:

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