Multiple file uploads

There is a project with title multiple file uploads in the designer category of GSoC projects.

The project definition is this:

The current designer only allows uploading one asset at a time. If you need to upload 10 images, you need to do the process 10 times. It would be a much better experience to be able to upload a number of assets in one go.

Expected results: An improvement in the currently existing file chooser that allows multiple uploads for assets.

So, we’ve to add the functionality so we can add the more media files in one go.

Is this functionality only for the asset in the Media part of the components or this should also be implemented somewhere else ?

Is there any thing else we can do in this project ?

Next time please search the forum first:

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@Anke I think she is asking how to properly do the GSoC project that adds that feature.

As far as I know, it should be implemented in two different places. There are two buttons that upload files and that are different (at least some time ago).
These buttons are:

  • Media manager one

  • Asset-type properties

Those two places are different file inputs, so I guess both of them should be changed to allow multiple file uploads.
Although, maybe it could be better to keep the asset-type uploader with just one file, as after it gets uploaded that one file gets selected.

Anyway, MIT staff will surely confirm and solve your question.


Okay, thanks for the hint. But the way that I showed takes only a few seconds.


This functionality works only with 7-Zip or winRAR . Isn’t it?

If this doesn’t work for direct selecting the multiple files. I’m asking that way.

Just a correction she is a girl not boy😂


Thanks @Diego .
If we consider this functionality for background images of any component or layout then we have to set the further things like how two images will be shown on the button at the same time. Their positions i mean.
Isn’t it ?

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No, you cannot set two images for background. That property only accepts one asset at a time.
That’s why I said that maybe it could be better to keep the asset-type uploader with just one file, as after it gets uploaded that one file gets selected. Because it doesn’t make sense to accept two assets when the property only accepts one.

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Okay, then i think for now we can implement this functionality only in media manager.

Hello @MIT-App-Inventor Community,
My name is Chetan Patil, I am Computer Science student from India.
Can anyone tell me who is a potential mentor of GSoC '20 for Multiple File Uploads project ??

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That’s not decided yet.

@ewpatton can i get reviews on this ?

I agree with @Diego that it only makes sense to implement this as part of the asset upload in the media panel and not via properties. It seems like the most straightforward thing would be to modify the constructor so it can take a flag indicating whether to do single-upload or multiple uploads, and proceed to implement the logic from there.

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@ewpatton Current App Inventor System using FileUpload class to upload file which allows only one file at a time, so instead of using FileUpload class can we use gwtUpload library to modify the constructor which indicate flag for multiple uploads, because it support multiple file upload using MultiUploader class.

I’m not convinced that we have to incorporate another whole library (which hasn’t been updated in 4 years) to accomplish this. File inputs in browsers already support multiple file selection, we would just need the POST operation to understand that more than one file might come in a request and to handle it accordingly.


@ewpatton Yes, we can use File inputs in browser to send multiple images. But on the post request we can send only one type of data, so will it be okay to use Multipart request instead. It will be efficient for future scope of project.

Yes, multipart is fine.

Hello @chetan i also noticed this, have you achieved to get Multiple File Uploads ? If yes, could you explain or share your experience on how you did that? I am also looking forward to get Multiple File Uploads, sometimes i am uploading plenty of Material Icons PNG and for example i have 20 icons i need to drag and upload it 20 times, which is quite annoying.


It is much simpeler you just drag all the files into the file menu and it's done

(can you set this as an solution?)