Multiple file upload

Hi guys,

I'm trying to integrate multiple file upload into Appinventor,

I looked into these files

The FileUploadWizard creates an input element(using FileUpload) and an upload URL and passes to Form element in

  1. I added a property "multiple" to the FileUpload element, for multiple file selection.
  2. I used the JSNI method to get the selected file names and stored as a list of strings.


I don't know what exactly is the problem.
I don't know exactly how the Form element works.
I tired for loop to initialize Uploader for each item in the files list and it's not working.

Hope someone can help
If anyone else working on it let me know.


It’s been a while since I’ve looked at multi-part file uploads, but if I recall correctly the filenames should be included in the multi-part content. What I think you will need to focus on is changing the logic in the UploadServlet to handle multiple files when present in the request body.