Move to a point(x,y) smoothly

hi.i want a imagespirit move to a point(with define X and Y) smoothly without use of clock.
example i want sibl move smoothly.

This sample uses no Clock …

hi,thanks .please more explain to me .a imageSpirit move to x=200 and y=300 smoothly with a button click without use of clock.current position is:x=10 and y =50.



What have you tried?

Set direction and set speed.

hi thanks.but i want move imagespirit1 to x=200 and y=300 smoothly not jerky.

hi,please show me blocks.

move_to.aia (17.3 KB) when imagesprite1 collidedWith when button1 click when imagesprite1 dragged

run time video:

hi,thanks.thanks.thanks ok very inerest .imagespirit go toward ball or toward another imageSpirit.ball or another imagespirit can be visible…true or visible…false…

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i made a Gun trigger game with smoothly movement.if your score be 50 , you see a film as your prize.correct trigger on sible have positive point and out of sibl have negative point.i thanks from Abraham Getzler.

download APK file

i dont understand how use from this file after download.please explain to me.

An .aia file is for the AI2 Project->Import from my Computer menu option.

ok.thanks thanks

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