Move row of several listview arranged in parallel at the same time

Dear forum members. In a student list application I have placed 4 listview to enter the data of index, Name, Grade and Class Attendance.
I have placed them in a parallel horizontal distposition. as seen in picture1. When I fill it with data, I have the problem that when sliding the column of the first listview that contains the index, the other data from the other listviews does not move, which distorts the view. How can I make it so that when I scroll the listview up or down, all the parallel horizontal data moves together as a single row?

Thanks in advance to your supports

Show us in block what have tried

You need to place all your listviews inside a vertical scrolling arrangement, then set the height of each listview to a large number, e.g. 2000 pixels. They should then scroll together. Make sure that the data in each listview is the same height.

Also see here:

A better solution would be to use either the Table view or Tableviewer extensions

here is the tableViewer extension:

You can also cheat by clipping the tops off the Elements lists to simulate a scroll:

Also, on a phone in Portrait mode, you have an unlimited vertical length in which to interlace headings with values in each Element, like

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Greetings, Thanks @ABG, after reviewing, I have used this suggestion, I was able to opt for this option since it can slide across the entire screen when I have a lot of records... Thanks @ABG... but I had other difficulties that I'm sure They will tell me that this is another matter... Of course, you have to follow the rules... Until here, thanks again.

I subsequently found the name for this format: YAML.
Search this board for more on that subject, if you need.

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