Mit inventor sendig SMS problem with Android 13 and 12

I wrote a sending sms app that worked fine with Android 11 and earlier. But there was a problem with Android 12. I used the test server whose link was posted here and the problem was solved. But now the same program has problems with Android 13. When I click the send SMS button nothing happens. Not even an error is given.

moved to new topic because your issue is with Android 13, not Android 12.

ok thanks

You will need to show your relevant blocks, and ensure that your companion app is updated to the latest version.

how can i update companion app to the latest version(now my companion is 2.66 or 2.66u)? i am sure that blocks are correct


now my companion is 2.66 or 2.66u .Does it need to be updated?

Like so?

Not on this page written version 2.65

App Inventor still specifies its target SDK as Android 12, not Android 13, so there shouldn't be any differences in behavior between Android 12 and 13 yet. We would need to see what blocks you're using and how you're using them to get a better understanding of what could go wrong between the versions.

Uploading: blocks.png...

This program works in Android 11, but not in Android 13, but if we replace SendMessageDirect with SendMessage, it will not work in Android 11 .

Does anyone have any ideas?

Earlier you said you are using the test server.. Are you using the main server or the test server? You should be using the main App Inventor server. Are you using Companion 2.66u? I you are not seeing that your Companion is using 2.66u, you have work to do.

SMS does work with my Samsung Android 13 phone just fine. :slight_smile:

Do you mean that we don't need to use the test server for android 13 anymore? ok i ll try with main server .and How can I find out which companion(2.66 or 2.66u) I am using? and how can i use companion 2.66u?

Can this confirm that I am using the 2.66u version?

@ewpatton @TIMAI2 @SteveJG @Anke

I used the link of Mr. @ewpatton 's server site( that he posted to fix the Android 12 sending SMS problem. If this site is no longer needed, why doesn't Mr. @ewpatton remove its link? I am really confused which server to use.

The AI2 test server has nothing to do with the API level of your testing devices.
It provides some bugfixes that have not been released on the main server.

Both servers are targeting Android 12 (targetSdkVersion = 31).

i had problem with sending SMS that solved with that test server but now i have this problem with android 13 and maybe with android 12( bacause i have not a device with android 12 to test it)