MIT App tutorial Texting Block Error

I am currently doing the MIT App Inventor tutorial "No Texting While Driving" and the automated text to the person who sends me a message is not working. This is the first time I have had an issue with the response of the App after 10-15 tutorials. I followed the instructions to the "T" and even restarted my phone.

On the Properties for the Texting component, I don't have anything listed under 'Message' or 'Phone Number'. GoogleVoiceEnabled is unchecked and 'ReceivingEnabled' is set to 'off'. I have changed this setting to 'Foreground' and 'Always' with no success.

i have the blocks set up as...
'When Texting1. Message Received'
-set Texting1.phonenumer to get number
-set Texting1.Message to "I can't text now, I'm driving"
-call Texting1.SendMessage

Is there anything I can do that will turn this issue around because as of now, the app is completely unresponsive when I send a message?


See here,

What do you mean when you say, 'set the "receive enable" property to 2??? Does it work then? And were is that located in the App?

Thanks for the reply

See below, in designer view, go to texting properties and go to ReceivingEnabled. Choose either Foreground or Always