MIT App Inventordee How do I upload large files to the cloud?

MIT App Inventordee How do I upload large files to the cloud?

How large ?

Which cloud ?

mesela bir apk dosyas─▒ , mesela bir resim

bende onu soruyorum:)

ama en ├žok 5 gb olabilir

Personally I wouldn't. I would connect my phone to my desktop computer and transfer the file, then upload it from there.

ama ben uygulama ma─čazas─▒ yapaca─č─▒m

translated (but I will make an app store)

An APK of 5gb ?

en ├žok

yani evet

bana cevap verecekmisiniz?

You did not say which cloud ?

bende bilmiyorum uzant─▒ istiyorum

translated (I don't know either, I want an extension)

Why do you believe you need an extension ?

ben size sorunumu ba┼čtan anlatay─▒m.

ben uygulama ma─čazas─▒ yapaca─č─▒m. kullan─▒c─▒ uygulama y├╝klemek isterse bunu apk olarak buluta y├╝kl├╝yecek ama m─▒t app ─▒nventordeki cloud db en ├žok 4mb l─▒k dosyalar y├╝kleyebiliyoruz. ama ben buluta en ├žok 5gb l─▒k apk y├╝kleyebilece─čim bir bulut ar─▒yorum bunuda uzant─▒ olarak istiyorum. umar─▒m anlars─▒n─▒z

l├╝tfen cevap verin

Still do not know where you are going to get an APK of 5GB ?

Who in their right mind will want to download that to their device ?

Uploading a large file from your device to an online resource is usually completed using the web component (but is also possible though a webview with the right extensions). How you do it will depend on the cloud resource and its requirements.

l├╝tfen yazd─▒klar─▒m─▒ iyi okuyunuz. s─▒n─▒r 5gb

We're already at post #20 and it's still not clear what exactly it's about. In addition, Tim's questions still haven't been answered.

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