MIT App Inventor Hackathon 2020

Hello everyone,

The MIT App Inventor team is pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring a worldwide hackathon during the week of July 12-18. This hackathon is being held as a substitute to our App Inventor Summit, which unfortunately we have had to cancel due to the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. That said, we are really excited about the opportunity for people around the world to compete in a hackathon to make a difference using MIT App Inventor. We have assembled an amazing team of organizers from around the world to help us. Please check out our hackathon website to learn more and register to participate. Registration is open through June 19.

Evan W. Patton and Selim Tezel
Co-chairs, MIT App Inventor Hackathon 2020


Already made posts on the Kodular, AppyBuilder and Thunkable communities.


wow cool i want to join


Awesome! :star_struck:

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Any users here who will enter the Hackathon?

  • Yes i will enter the Hackathon
  • No

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If you enter, how will do you do that?

  • As an individual
  • As a team

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I would like to get into Hacketon but I do not want to publish the aia of my application😅

Then you can not enter. At least the jury will have to test it.


You shouldn’t be submitting an existing app as part of the Hackathon. The goal during the hackathon is to build a new app over the course of the one week of the event. We will be announcing some specific themes that apps can address at the start of the hackathon so that everyone starts on an equal footing.

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Can I Use Thunkable To Build Apps And To Participate in the MitAppInventor2020 Hackathon?

Can I use Thunkable to build apps and to participate in the Hackathon???

Sorry but I cannot participate to this event because I will be busy at that time and I need to learn new functionalities of MIT app inventor.
Sorry :pensive:

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Since it is called the MIT App Inventor Hackathon you can only use App Inventor.

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But using Thunkable we can make aia files?

Thunkable was once a App Inventor clone. But builders are very different these days. Even if you can make an aia doesn’t mean they are the same. So use App Inventor if you want to enter the Hackathon.

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@ewpatton Can We use any Extensions?

Do you have MIT App Inventor Hackathon 2020 Rules
like make app with love :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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Can extensions be used making the apps ? This information should be included in the post.

You can still register for the MIT App Inventor Hackathon 2020

Everybody who entered should have gotten his confirmation mail.

Read the FAQ for more info