MIT App Inventor for iOS version 0.9.5

Hello everyone,

Today we are pleased to bring you MIT App Inventor iOS 0.9 build 5. This is primarily a bug fix release with the following changes:

  • Fixed an issue with Unicode 16 parsing
  • Fixed an issue where SoundRecorder only returned a filename, not a path
  • Implemented the PageLoaded event for WebViewer
  • Fixed an issue where ListView and ListPicker returned bad offsets
  • Fixed an issue where the WebViewer was not sized correctly with automatic width/height
  • Implemented the Timeout property on the Web component
  • Implemented the next generation SpeechRecognizer APIs
  • Fixed an issue where the status bar height was not included in sizing calculations
  • Implemented the Namespace property for TinyDB
  • Fixed an issue where a buffer overflow could cause the app to crash during exception handling
  • Fixed an issue where changing the visibility of a component would change its order in the container
  • Made status bar text color dependent on theme
  • Implemented OriginAtCenter for Ball

Please continue to test your apps and give us feedback either through TestFlight or by using our online form.


Evan W. Patton, Ph.D.
On behalf of the MIT App Inventor team


This post will be updated with potential issues as they are reported.

  • We are investigating a potential issue with automatic sizing of buttons with images.

    • Based on our initial testing, this seems to be affecting iPads running iOS 12 and 13. If you also see this issue on a different device/OS configuration, please let us know
  • Sprites do not appear to be sizing properly. This means that dragging a sprite may move a sprite that appears to be far away from where the user is touching. The iOS Companion thinks the sprites are much larger than they should be and will drag which ever one is on top.


I can’t wait to try developing an app for ios. I already have several for Android and my users ask for an iOS version. I have filled out the beta test form several times but they have not accepted me. For when the public version? Thank you!


Hi, can i try to get a beta version? i work with mit app inventor in this moment and i need to develop in IOS system. I attend your reply, thanks for your attention.
Yours sincerly.

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@ewpatton Yes i have that to. In the same app i want to drag some sprites. But the wrong sprite gets dragged. Also drawing on the canvas isn’t working. I added my aia.

I have iOS 12.4.6 installed on my iPad.

KorfballStrategyBoard.aia (267.1 KB)

@Peter What device/OS version?

I just edited my post. :grin:

I will install 12.4.7 and see if this corrects the problem somehow.

I’m doubtful that a patch release would fix it. The information is useful to us for replicating the issue and confirming when we fix it. We already have a patch for the button issue we’re testing that seems to be working.


Is the testserver somewhere available so i can test also?

How can I join app inventor for IOS testing please ?

I tried but no feedback so far.

I can’t wait everyone asking for iOS.

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cool for iphone right

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@Peter I looked into this, and that’s the source of the sprite sizing issue I noted in Evan’s known issue post.


Will any of the restricted items due to Apple’s privacy policy get unblocked, specifically Texting.Message Received.

I doubt it. Even if we had a technical workaround, if Apple were to discover that we are bypassing their guidelines they will pull the app from the store, which hurts everyone. It’s possible we might be able to integrate with something like the new Shortcuts feature on iOS 13, but I don’t even see a trigger there to respond to an incoming text.

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Anything new on the ios development?


Note the following line:

This week we are releasing MIT App Inventor for iOS version 0.9.7. We will be performing more frequently releases as we prepare to submit to the App Store

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