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Hello, I am designing a small app for the use of my patients, which will be free to download, but I am stuck in two parts of it, one must have a menstrual calendar where patients can mark their menstrual cycle, and another, a gestational age calculator where the patient can enter the date of the last menstrual period and the calculator will tell her how far along she is in the pregnancy and the probable date of delivery. Greetings.

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Hello @Dr_Denis_Sanchez,
I think this document is right for your problem:
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Not really. The OP needs date math.

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I need help too. I am trying to design an app that calculates menstrual cycle and displays the next period date and ovulation date. can you help me?

Look in the Sensors Drawer of the Designer for the Clock component.

It has all the blocks you need to do date math.

There is a Date Picker component that can be used for date input to set cycle start dates.

Settings can be stored in TinyDB.