MIT App Inventor Appathon for Good 2021

the competition tho


Just curious.
Whether there will be workshops in the event week this time?

It has begun........... Good luck during the Appathon.


@peter I am participating in APPATHON for first time . when will I get details about the theme from mit team

Emails were sent to participants but you can also see here

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Didn't you get an email with the themes? Maybe in your spam folder?

Got Peter Did not see properly Thanks

How is/was your first day of the appathon?

Not nice Could not decide topic Today I will decide topic and create a flowchart then I will start

@Peter i haven't got email even i checked my spam folder too

The themes are available here: or Appathon Themes 2021

Did you get a confirmation mail that you are part of the appathon when you registered in June?
If you are sure you registered for the appathon you could also send a mail to

If it was me, I was choosing the Computational Action App theme

It is you. :wink: Go ahead and make a great app. :+1: :+1: :+1:

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                            👍👍Good Luck Everyone👍👍 
                    MIT App Inventor Appathon For Good 2021

                      Do reply which theme you choose

I have selected the academic theme :grin:

I have been working on the app from second day, and till now 80% work is done :white_check_mark:


Nice For me only 40 % work over

  • Today the core work will start and will finish by this Monday
  • After That Some finishing touches then over by Wednesday
  • Thursday verification and testing with multiple devices to check the responsiveness
  • Then Friday submission
  • Then .......................

@Maayur Me too I selected Academic Theme.
20% Work is Done till Today.
I'm making a complicated app
Best Of Luck...


Yes, Keep a checklist for your work...
Best Of Luck :slight_smile: