MIT App Emulator Crashes when Picking image

Hi All,
This is a preview of a test dummy project as I'm trying to get image picker to work. I run the emulator on BlueStack's or an Android Device that supports Firebase. When I click on "Select Image" it brings up the devices gallery but as soon as I select the image it kicks me to the connection code screen. It works on iPhone but only accepts PNG image types and displays them. Is there an extension I require or something?
Thanks, Alex.

What android version is your android device ?

The BlueStacks Android Emulator Device is the latest I believe. I don't have the Android with me as I use my friends but I believe its up to date. Why wouldn't it work on BlueStacks tho?

The Official MIT App Inventor Emulator doesn't support Firebase.
IOS App doesn't support Firebase
Android Devices only do [i.e. Blue Stacks Emulator or Android Device]

Not sure what Firebase has to do with this ?

Apparently Bluestacks is running Android 7.1. 2 (Nougat)

See here for an issue and resolution for similar with an 8/8.1 device

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You may need to drag in a File component (even if you do not use it) and / or ask for a READ or WRITE permission if the API is less than 29

Thanks so much. Was that simple! Haha.

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You only need to ask for Write permission, that will give you Read permission as well.

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