MIT AI Companion app not working

My app isn't connecting via WiFi or emulator or USB. (I was able to do so until 9-10 hours ago)

I am using a 64-bit Windows machine.

I installed the aiStarter program.

I am using a Google Pixel 3a, android version 11.

Could anyone please help me?

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I was able to used my MIT App Inventor 2, but all of sudden, it just stopped, it wont function. I can no longer use it. It doesnt connect thru via scan, or text code

please help.
thank you

I have the same problem... :tired_face:

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Yes even My MIT App inventor is not working. It was working fine before but all of a sudden it stopped

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Yeah same problem here.

Hope the Devs fix it soon

I also have some problem with my companion

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The app was working yesterday now it isn't bruh.

MIT have been alerted to the problem!


Same thing. WIFI & USB stopped working
Do anyone knows support / servicedesk contact?

What should we do? please help

same problem Please Help Us.

Do anyone knows support / servicedesk email contact?

same problem!!! yesterday the connectivity was ok..but today appears error1103! :frowning:

Exact same problem. I have my dissertation meeting at 11am (approximately 11 minutes from now) and I can't connect to my app, thus I can't demonstrate a working project. Fantastic timing, so unfortunate.


suggest email to

We are looking into it.


Try using the emulator. My Companion fails but the aiStarter emulator works fine at 7:15 a.m. CST. You may be able to work with your emulator.

Also, please tell us where you are located. This outage might be regional.

The server should be back now.

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it´s ok now