AI Companion starts well on the smartphone (android 10 & 11), but after 2 second it crashed/disappeared (not any error messages)

same issue as this one

Try on: Windows 10 with 2 Xiaomi phones (android 10 and android 11)

I tried several times (several days),

nb: using usb, same issue , it starts on the smartphone, then crash/disappear (not any error messages)

Hello Tng - welcome back to the forum

We will need to see your Project File. (Companion is working fine).

I have sent aab files and infos to Chris

here is the aia
CNTT.aia (1.7 MB)

The sidebar extension is causing the problem.

Suggest you try another, this one is good to go:

Thanks TIMAI2, I will try the one from Ulli.

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