Missing logic and notifier block

Hi, I have been trying to learn by watching this tutorial at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-H86sVusw8&t=327s . But, there's some issue on logic block and notifier block. I can't find it anywhere.or block or logic

Please help me resolve this issue soon.

The or block is in the builtin blocks section of the pallette in the Blocks Editor.

To get a Notifier, you have to pull in a Notifier in the Designer, from the User Interface pallette section.

Yes, I'm aware of that. I had drop 4 pictures about the problem. Two of the pictures are about the logic block and notifier that I can't find. Another two are the only OR block and notifier block that I can find.

Easier first projects ...

The David Wolber YouTube AI2 videos are easier for the first project.

ARe you asking about external sockets versus inline sockets on the blocks?
That's a right click option on each block.

To get a purple text block, hit the ' key on the keyboard to start typeblocking, and type what you want, then hit Enter. That should drop a text block onto the workspace with what you typed.

P.S. Did you notice the color coding to help you find blocks in the pallette?

I assume you are using a computer browser like Chrome or Firefox, not a phone, for your AI2 session, right?

More non-obvious things ...

To add extra sockets, use the blue button on the block to pop up a little voodoo doll of the block, where you can add more sockets.
It's called a mutator.

Have I missed anything?

hi, thankyou very much. I have find the solution thanks to you

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