Medication Reminder (again)

The link:

is working OK here. The download link for the extension is towards the bottom of the page.

What problem are you having?

Maybe it's because of my school's internet, I will test entering the site in my house.

Simple question: How can I (without using any extension) save the hours and minutes input by the user on a time picker and also notify them at the time stored in TinyDB?

simple answer: in TinyDB

you could keep your app up and running (however no other app might be used then) and use the clock component to check regularly, for the alarm time and then display a notifier and/or play a sound

to keep the app up and running without using an extension you could


I know that I have to do it in TinyDB I wanted to know the blocks I had to use...

Use the TinyDB.StoreValue method to store the datetime converted in millis


Okay, about the datetime conversion in millis... Should I send a printscreen of the blocks I have soo far so you can tell me the best way to do it? I would love if you sent a printscreen of the blocks needed to do the conversion since I'm not quite finding them.

If you need help with these, this sounds like a good idea... else obviously noone knows what you are doing


Here are the blocks I have soo far (sorry that some of the names are in portuguese) soo my problem is the following: My save medication button currently does nothing because I don't know how to convert the datatime into millis and save that value in the TinyDB, also the button after saving the data it had to activate the clock to remind the user at the specified time...

I also made this app that translated the timepicker date, datepicker and the current time into millis and puts into the labels but I don't know how to apply it into my project.

I just need to know one thing for now:
I want that: I press the "Save" button - > It converts the timepicker date into Millis -> It saves that value into TinyDB - > And then activates the clock1 to warn the user at that time...

Can you help me out with the blocks?

Now I tried something:

Is this correct? And now how do I activate the clock1 to send the "notification" to the user at that time?

To get a better understanding of how to work with date and time, do this tutorial

And learn how to use Do it

use Do it to debug your blocks, see also tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps
see also Live Development, Testing, and Debugging Tools

Then use the FormatDateTime method from the Clock component and show us a Do it result of that instant you just stored in TinyDB and compare the result with what you get after using Clock.Now
See also chapter 2.2.6 of the tutorial


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

Why is my 'do it' option grey? I can't select it.

You need to connect by Companion or emulator.

that is a problem because I only test my app by building it.

but didn't you told me I had to convert the timedate into millis? Also, where do I put those blocks you just sent?

Yes, because you want to store it in TinyDB
However first to have to

Therefore read again my previous answer and


Understood but I still don't quite understood how to make 'Do it' work...
Also, sorry for all the questions but wouldn't the instant that I stored be different from the one I get on those blocks (since the clock will give the instant moment and the one I store is introduced on the timepicker by the user)?